Induction Sealing Wads

Two Piece Induction Wads

An induction seal made of two components; an inner seal designed to bond to the container and a secondary liner that remains in the cap.

Common Application: Food, oils, chemical products, solvents and agro chemicals

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Vented Induction Sealing Wads

Container venting solves these problems container swelling / bloating container collapsing / paneling leakage.

Common Application: Agrochemicals, household and Industrial cleaners, bleach, essential oils, pool chemicals

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Single Piece Induction Sealing Wads

One piece induction seal offers tamper evident seal that bonds to the container. Commonly used in a clean peel version suitable for consumer.

Common Application: All types of Storable Food products, Confectionary.

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Custom foam, rubber or solid compound gaskets manufactured with precise I.D. and O.D. tolerance specifications.

Common Application: Liquid detergent caps, aerosol valves, trigger sprayers, pump sprayers, water bottle caps, industrial container caps and spouts.

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Wax Free Induction Sealing Wads

Two Piece IHS Wads made with polymer lamination in between backing material & Aluminium Foil with sealing layer, it eliminates the use of wax.

Common Application: Pharmaceutical, Food Products, Coffee Powder

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Pull & Peel Induction Sealing Wads

The Pull & Peel Induction seals incorporate an easy open polyester tab which has been designed for easy to grip, flexible and extremely strong.

Common Application:Pharmaceutical, Food Products,

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Tri Tab & Pull Out Induction Sealing Wads

Tri Tab One piece induction seal offers a tamper evident seal that bonds to the container. Commonly used in a clean peel & Weld seal version suitable for the consumer

Common Application: Food products, Cosmetics and beverages

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Pressure Sensitive Wads

Adhesive coated polystyrene foam, seals by torque activation without the need of any special equipment. Designed for solid and dry products on glass and plastic bottles. This product is FDA Approved.

Common Application: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Neutraceuticals

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Agrochemical Wads

Require a strong bonded seal with higher chemical resistance. Specialty Agroseals product portfolio provides industry specific needs.

Common Application: Agrochemical Products.

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Holographic HIS Wads

Two Piece & Single Piece Wads with Holographic Film for Branding, Safety & more Security.

Common Application: Lubricants, Pharmaceutical, Food Products etc.

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Glass Bottle / Jars Wads

Two Piece or One Piece induction sealing wads offered with waxed or unwaxed.

Common Application:Mayonnaise, peanut butter, spices, coffee, liquor.

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Aluminium Foil Lids

We offered a vides range of Lids; Plain, Printed, Embossed, Round or with Tabs in various thickness.

Common Application:Dairy Products, Personal care, Food Products etc.

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Removal Characteristics

Advantages of our Induction Sealing Wads:

Temper Proof: From production to the Consumer to manipulate the contents of the product is not possible without being clearly noticed.

Product Freshness: The taste and aroma of the Products remain intact due to the hermetic seal.

Protection against Leakage, Oxidation and Contamination: There is no spillage or loss of contents of the product. The seal is an ideal effective protection for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals where contamination can affect product sterility and performance.

Sales Promotion: The foil on the inside can be used for advertising or promotional purposes.

Maximum Filling Speeds: The sealing takes place without any direct contact which allows full potential of the filling plant to be utilized.

Minimum Effort: The wad is put in the cap by the manufacturer. Thus the filling line requires only the Induction cap sealing equipment to be installed.

Indirect Heating: Induction heating allows heat sensitive products such Creams, Petroleum Products, Pesticides etc. to be sealed faster and safely than normal conductive heat sealing which would normally spoil or catch fire