We are one of the Prestigious & leading manufacturers of an extensive gamut of all types of INDUCTION SEALING WADS & LINERS for HDPE, PET, PP, HIPS, TIN & Glass Containers / ALUMINIUM LIDS / PHARMA FOILS & All kind of Flexible LAMINATES 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Layers for Food & Pharma Packaging.

Established in the year 2004, More than 600 Small, Large, Multinational Companies & Organizations have been already engaged with us in such a short span of period. In a highly competitive market, it’s a really big achievement, but not possible because of consistent performance and ability to deliver Customer oriented solutions. It is the long term-vision & driving, spirit behind a continuous urge for improvement.

Our Quality Certifications are:

  • ISO: 9001: 2015
  • ISO: 15378: 2017 (For Primary Packaging for Medicines)
  • We are DMF Holder – our DMF Number is: 030469.

Our Company is following GMP and having complete in-house facilities:

  • R & D department for continuous development of New Solutions with emerging & new Specifications & Structures to meet the expectations and demand of our customers.
  • Stringent Quality Control procedures backed by modern testing equipment to ensure zero defect execution of product.
  • State of art Die cutting system which ensures burr free supply of pre-cut seals for optimal performance of auto wadding machines with excellent dimensional controls.

Largest infrastructure for the manufacturing of Induction Sealing Wads & Liners:

We have the largest infrastructure for the manufacturing of Induction Sealing Wads in India with having a capacity of approximately 60 million Wads per day & catering to all across INDIA & Overseas to the segments of:

Food Products & Beverages, Dairy Products, Peanut Butter, Pharmaceuticals,  Nutraceuticals, Chemical Industry, Agricultural Products, Juices  , Flavoured Milks, Spices Industry, Herbicides/Pesticides, Petro-Chemical Products  ,  Edible Oils  , Lubricating Oil  , Cosmetics and Personal Care, Food Products, Ayurvedic Medicines , Homeopathy Medicines  ,  Unani Medicines etc

Complete Range of Induction Sealing Wads:

We manufacture complete range of Induction Sealing Wads; Two Piece IHS Wads, Single Piece IHS Wads, Special 4-5-6-7-8-9 Layers Pharmaceuticals Wads for Regulatory & Domestic Market, Holographic Wads, Breathing Wads, Single Tab, Tri-Tab, 5 Tabs, 6 Tabs, Lift n Peel, Special Agro-chemicals Wads, Retard Wads, Vented Liners, Aluminum Lids & many more.

Well Equipped Facilities & Laboratory:

Our Company is well equipped with Advanced Technology; Production Facility & Laboratory, with such backup of all the facilities, in house, we can deliver large quantities in shortest possible time.

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We Care For

Food & Beverages
Dairy Products
Edible Oils
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Herbicides / Pesticides


We are proud that our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with domain expertise in their respective fields. :

  • They work with utmost efficacy and are always devising newer ways to enhance the productivity and the quality of our products.

  • To keep up with the evolving technology, we conduct periodic training. These are highly beneficial in honing the existing skills and developing new ones.

  • We credit for our strong global presence goes to our pool of marketing and promotion professionals.

  • Their sound marketing strategies coupled with the immaculate quality of our products has reaped us great benefits and repute.

  • Each department works in harmony with the other and they together have contributed heavily to the company’s success.

Consumer safety is an important consideration these days and seals have been developed that can reveal tamper evidence thus discouraging product pilferage and package counterfeiting. Traditional tamper-evident inner seals are welded onto the lip of the container.

This ensures that the seal must be destroyed to gain entry into the container. When the seal is removed a residue is left on the lip of the container to show evidence of tampering.